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Chino B began to take his first steps in the Capitoline(Roma) rap scene in 1996 with the group “Linea Periferica” through which he participated in numerous jams in the capital, making his name spin in free style contests and live performances. In 1998 he formed the group “The team” together with Ringo Redstar. From the merger of two groups “Linea Periferica” and “Malafede Bros” the new group “La Squadra” creates a following through the production of mixtapes – mixed cassettes with overseas hits and microphone interventions on instrumentals by emerging rappers. Thanks to the tam tam of consents received, he often accompanies the most successful Roman artists in live shows such as Piotta, Flaminio Maphia, Corveleno … regular guest in the radio broadcasts of the HIP-HOP circuit, he also undertakes a continuous collaboration in the Sunday radio program of the DJ FREDDY K on radio world, taking care of the Italian and foreign rap selections together with the Red Star partner. The turning point came in the summer of 1999 when La Squadra was included in the list of Italian groups that opened the Wu Tang Clan concert at the Olympic Stadium in Rome. Within a few months, he prints his first album “Lassù qualcuno li ama”, a self-produced mini cd of 7 tracks that contains the participation of talented young artists such as Ermano Castriota (violinist of “Nidi D’Arac”) and Ash ( bassist of “Almamegretta”). A hard record, deliberately distant from the market, in which a raw sound crosses uncompromising lyrics typical of underground hip hop of those times. At that time, the group was accompanied by two DJs (Dj Jetro and Dj Spessore who also appears in the above disc) The record received very positive reviews from the critics of the sector, so much so that Chino B at the time known as Jimmi Chinotto was nominated by the specialized magazine “Aelle”, in the list of the new “promises of Italian rap” and La Squadra as a “revelation group of the Capitoline scene”. In 2001 the team takes a break. Pause in which Ringo Redstar undertakes a small artistic interlude in cinema (co-star with Lando Buzzanca and Piotta in the film “The secret of the jaguar”) and on the small screen (member of the cast of the first edition of “Saranno Famosi / Amici di Maria de Filippi ”On Canale 5), collecting moderate successes. In 2003 La Squadra decides to work on a new project. From there was born “Punto Di Fuga”, the group’s second album, certainly also with a strong hip hop matrix, but which touches many other genres of black music such as reggae, funk, soul, dancehall, calypso and afrobeats. Italian artists participate in the album such as: Ghemon, Bg Crema, Simo B, Rock Grandi Numeri (Corveleno) and the foreign participation of the French BUSTA FLEX A real tribute to pan-African music and to masters of the genre such as Bob Marley, James Brown, Fela Kuti, Curtis Mayfield and Isaac Hayes. After months of research, La Squadra manages to forge an irreverent album, in which lyrics, never predictable or deliberately mellifluous, embrace a mood never heard before in Italian hip hop. A project that reflects the maturity reached by the duo, in which sampling and acoustic are mixed giving life to new musical perspectives. Songs like “Buona Musica” or “Fuggiamo” are proof of how far La Squadra was from the limitations of Italian hip hop of the period. A sound far from clichés and certainly close to the unheard of and the original. With this album the group begins a collaboration with the group “Fonderia Romana”, a group that will follow him in live as instrumental support (bass, drums, keyboards, guitars) around Italy. The disc “Punto di Escape” was promoted in clubs with the classic DJ set and in the most important events with the group, something very appreciated by non-professionals. In the promotion of the disc he hits prominent stages such as “Fiesta” in Capannelle in Rome, “Messaggerie Musicali” and “Rolling stone” in Milan. In 2006 he produced the mixtape “HEALTH” a product purely dedicated to the reggae / dancehall genre with which he achieved a good sales result, the compilation also included unreleased songs and some dub plates recorded for the sound systems of the Capitoline scene such as: Baba Boom Time and Startrash. With this new project Chino B and Red Star form a new crew called “SOUND DEI BANDITI”; with this name they organize evenings in some Roman clubs and live performances purely for a dancehall audience, thus making new collaborations with various artists of the Italian reggae scene. During the summer of 2006 the KRSONE concert opens in Ostia in the hip hop Summer Festival. In 2007 Chino B gives life to a new album “CHINOFILI GENERATION”, a project created together with Filippo Saccucci jazz musician and hip hop producer with whom he embarks on a new musical journey that was not successful, however, given that the album, despite being a good product, was not was printed. In this very profitable period, however, Chino B collaborates with many artists of the Roman rap scene such as Santo Trafficante and Mike Samaniego, Ira Funesta, Amir, Nefer and many others … with whom he does many studio shots for various compiles and some live shows. for the promotion of Amir’s album. Closed this parenthesis Chino B puts his hands on a new project and records his street album entitled “Cosemie” a disc recorded on American and Jamaican instrumentals with unpublished lyrics where in some songs there is the participation of the emerging singer “Simo B” which had already participated in some songs contained in the album “Punto di Fuga”. The disc was recorded in one day at the “ALTI PIANI” studio in Rome – a historical studio managed by Paolo Panella, who kindly made his facility available because he embraced the idea of ​​the project. The record was a sort of diary, a business card and was made with the idea of ​​having material for new lives and possibly new ideas for a more structured album to work on later. The recordings in the studio were taken by the photographer Carlito Schilirò to have some video material on which he could possibly rely to document the project in the future. With this project Chino B participates in a series of live shows followed on stage by the band “Roman Foundry” among the most important evenings: The white night of Rome at the Tor Bella Monaca amphitheater with the patronage of the Municipality of Rome and Radio Rock and the original Live bus organized by Marte Live and the Municipality of Rome. At that time he was accompanied in addition to the band with Dj Manula and Dj Kuki Man. In 2008 Chino B collaborates with Break Magik and realizes a mini EP of 6 tracks entitled “Rain of Fire” with the participation of some rappers of the capital such as Bg Crema and Manula Hostile. However, even this disc is not printed and the songs are put on my space by common decision, given the diffusion that the medium was able to give was an excellent support as an alternative to the disc. (myspace.chinoblazechino) In the same year he participated in MEI with the group “Fonderia Romana” and won an award with a song presented in the Rock / Crossover category of emerging groups. Chino B continues to collaborate with Alti Piani Records and through this collaboration opens the concert of the “Frontal assaults”. In 2009/2010 he decides to take a break in which he participates cmq in some radio and television broadcasts such as: “Pioggia Dirty” broadcast on rai due; feeling the need to return to the stage, he decided to create an entertainment format that mixed the various disciplines of hip hop in a single evening and, together with Mr Vela and Daniele Barbui, he founded the “SuperJam” event.
In 2011 Chino meets the producer Sano Beat with whom he begins to work on a new project, under the name of “Super Jam Roma” with this formation he opens the concert of the American group M.O.P at the Big Bang in Rome. The single presented for the occasion was appreciated by the public and a video clip was also made, currently no longer available on youtube due to account problems. In the same year, due to some management incompatibilities, he takes the lead of the “Superjam” event by himself, with which he manages to make hundreds of collaborations with national and international artists, the event in a few years has become a real prominent reality, the increase of the public and the artistic and entertainment quality of the evening, mean that the “Superjam” event succeeds in affirming itself in the world of the Capitoline night, up to being able to go out also in other Italian regions. To date, the format is still active with spot events in collaboration with DJ maven and with collaborations with other organizations, one among many: KUNAMA From 2015 to 2021 in addition to organizing events and concerts, Chino B has made some songs on Sano Beat productions and a song born thanks to the attendance of the “Fuji Studio” on a production of the historic beatmaker Fuji. The song entitled “South of No North” comes out on the HITMANIA compilation and a Lyrics Video made by Ryma Graphic is prepared of the same. In 2021 Chino B, returns to record some tracks, appearing as participation for Artists with new projects coming out: Rage, dj Spessore, Shinobi, Mout. On this occasion he decides to put his hands on the unpublished projects recorded in the past and prepares a compilation of unpublished and unreleased songs that retrace his entire artistic path from 1996 to 2021 which will be published by the end of 2021. The preparation of a new album which he is already working on cannot be ruled out. Chino B in addition to being a rapper delights in musical selections as a DJ, writes poetry and is active as an Urban Artist in all its facets. Member of the historic graffiti crew “THE” and of the “Cose Mie” crew, he creates canvases, installations and illustrations of various kinds that he often publishes on his social profiles and for some years has enjoyed immortalizing his emotions also through the use of camera.


2022 competing artist with the EP “Falla Girare” at the Hip Hop cinema festival 2022
2022 event organizer of the “Soul Vibes” evening in collaboration with Black time at Neon Club Roma
2021 host of the radio show “Tell me a Story” for #yardbeatshow hosted by @vitoyardbeat
2021 release of the EP “Falla Girare” in collaboration with Fidel Kato
2017  founder and artistic director of the event  “1 Maggio Fiastra Suona Reggae” dj set: Big Bamboo(Roma),Bash Fire( Perugia), Always loving Jah (Macerata) Rasta Skull (Civtanova Marche)
2013 dj set together with dj Maven for the world refugee day at Baobab Rome association, via Cupa
2011 founder of the “Super Jam Roma” organization present in Roman clubs
2011 opens the concert of the American group M.O.P at the Big Bang in Rome.
2012 spot events in collaboration with DjMaven with the Kunama organization
2009/2010 participation in some radio and television broadcasts such as: “Pioggia Sporca” broadcast on Rai due
2006 opens the KRSONE concert in Ostia in the hip hop Summer Festival
1999 open the Wu Tang Clan concert at the Olympic Stadium in Rome.
1998, together with Ringo Redstar, he forms the group “LaSquadra”.



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