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Codex & Terms Of Condition

FREE Pro Membership

active Members can get all services and MORE EXTENSIVE OFFERS completely for free ! however, No Member can demand a free Pro-Membership. It can be obtained through constant activity by reaching minimum 50% of the developed DJ-League Point-System. Below you will find some activities that are required for a free Pro Membership:

Complete content on your own MemberPage:
Submission of biography, references-list (clubs, festivals, radios, etc.), 5 flyers, 5 DJ pictures, social media links, DJ-Video, etc., that a globally unique and professional DJ presentation can be created.
60-Minutes DJ-Mix:
Submission of a 60-minutes DJ-Mix, that we can promote and support each member on all our radio stations worldwide.
Regular Rating at the MP3-PromoPool:
Rate all tracks with a quick and easy “yes” or “no”, that helps to get more free good music from more artists in the future.
Participation in topics at the WhatsApp Group:
Giving feedback, exchanging ideas, developing ideas, etc., that we can develop the common project together and further increase the level of awareness of each individual member.
SetTING links to the DJ-League:
Linking the DJ-League on social media accounts or other platforms, that we can make the common project and each individual member more known to a larger audience.


  • We expect absolute social and societal neutrality from every member, on all their websites and in all their social networks, through which a connection can be established to the DJ-League and its partners. All comments that can be nearly understood as defamatory, discriminatory, inciting, or racist must be avoided. Furthermore, we pay special attention to the etiquette of each member. Arrogance and selfishness have no place in the DJ League.
  • We also expect. that members do not negotiate with clubs and promoters, if other members are already working there as DJs. Absolute loyalty is required!
  • Sending fake contents (biography, flyers, references, etc.) is forbidden. We always behave honestly and sincerely.
  • Charging money from our artists for featuring them in mixtapes, radio programs, etc., is also absolutely prohibited without exception.
  • WhatsApp numbers of members cannot be forwarded to third parties without explicit permissions from the related members.

Feel free to reach out if you need any further assistance. If a member violates these less basic requirements, it results in an exclusion from the DJ-League.

Terms Of Condition

Submitted Content
Each member is totally reponsible for the content of his/her memberpage. All content, that is submitted with the application, is fully legal and do not damage third persons rights or any kinds of copyrights. The whole uploaded material can be used on the memberpage and for all other promotional activities, like on other websites, radio programs or on social media accounts of the DJ-League and its partners. Each member allows the DJ-League to add the sent WhatsApp-number to the DJ-League WhatsApp-groups

Each track from our promopool is for free and exclusively intended for the members own professional use. Passing to third parties, resolving and remixing it, is prohibited, without exception ! Violations will be communicated to the artist, label and/or the related legal representative, and will result in exclusion from the DJ-League. With downloading a track a member will totally agree with these conditions.

THE RADIOS ARE completely RESPONSIBLE FOR BROADCASTING the Urban nation – Mixes. The DJ-League acts ONLY as an intermediarY.

THi ENtertainment is completely RESPONSIBLE FOR the Artist-Booking Possibility. The DJ-League acts ONLY as an intermediarY.

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