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DJ-Mix Guidelines

as an official DJ-League Member, Please read the below specifications and requirements carefully. You must ensure that your clean- and dirty-mixes are in line with the related specifications and requirements.


  1. Length: 60 minutes (59:50min is too lesS !)
  2. Strictly HipHop, R&B, Dancehall, etc.
  3. No House, Techno, EDM, Pop, Soul, Dance Classics, Slow Jams, etc.
  4. No Commercial Spots, NO Station IDs
  5. No Special Promotions
  6. Keep the use of special effects (e.g. horns) and scratching to the minimum!
  7. Decent beatmatching is required
  8. Personal DJ-Intro is allowed
  9. No moderation / NO talking

Additional Infos

Clean/Radio & Dirty/Explicit Mixes
All versions (clean/dirty) of the songs are allowed.

Clean/Radio Mixes ONLY
Only 100% clean / radio versions of the songs are allowed.

Clean/Radio & Dirty/Explicit MIX
Radio Stations

Clean/Radio Mix ONLY
Radio Stations

The DJ-League is a trusted partner of many radio stations across the globe and we would like to ensure we continue to be building on the trust we gained so far.

When you consider providing clean mixes, you need to be 100% sure, that all songs used for the mix are 100% clean. There is no way for the DJ-League to have this checked for you, so we rely on you as a professional DJ. If you are not sure if the songs are clean, then you shouldn’t participate.

Not adhering to the requirements can result in high fines for the radio stations, that are playing songs, that are not allowed to be broadcasted. In the USA the fines are up to $10.000.

we hope you appreciate, that the DJ-League doesn’t want to be held accountable for providing mixes, that are not allowed to be played on the selected FM radios.

Finally, we need minimum ONE HipHop-, R&B- or Dancehall-Mix, that we can use for our Radio-Partners. If we will bring your mix also to FM-Radios, you must send us a MIx, ONLy with 100% Clean/Radio-versions. Ensure that all requirements are met and are valid for the FM-Radio-Mixes!

Please select the songs that seem to be timeless as much as possible. Do not use songs that are related to a specific time of the year (e.g., Christmas songs).

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