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Peli One

Urban Music Radio Germany


PELI ONE is your new station for Hip-Hop, Soul and lots of R&B – from the 90s to today. We bring the good tracks from back then back to the radio and discover fresh songs for you every week. With us you get the hits and the B-sides. The singles and the albums. The classics and the novelties. Stars and newcomers. That’s the variety that we ourselves want on the radio. Because at PELI ONE we don’t just play urban music. We love it. From morning till night. Here, real fans make the program. Welcome to your new Urban Music Radio. Most of the songs on PELI ONE are from the last 30 years. In addition, you will hear selected classics from the time before. We want to make PELI ONE the station you start your day with. That’s why, in addition to the latest news about artists, background information, music reviews, interviews and event information, we offer you a varied mix of consumer and service topics ranging from wellness, living, vacations, beauty, rest and relaxation, fitness and health to technology, mobility and entertainment. Integrate instead of polarize: As media makers, we want to make a constructive contribution to society and promote cohesion. That’s why we make education and integration key topics.

PELI ONE is a digital radio. You can listen to us online everywhere: https://pelione.de

From 01.06.2021 we are official partner of the international DJ-LEAGUE. A community consisting of many international Djs who understand, live and celebrate the craft of Dj-ing. Specialized are these Djs on classic Oldschool Hip Hop & R&B. Not only this fact is it owed that PELI ONE, as Urban Music Radio has entered this partnership. Because we also cover exactly this genre with our broadcasting and music concept. For us, as almost the only German radio station of this kind, good and meaningful cooperations are not only welcome, but also important.

Therefore, Urban Music Radio Station PELI ONE has the opinion to give this DJ-Community a great platform.

J. Wachsmuth – CEO Peli One Medien GmbH



PELI ONE Medien GmbH

Trachenbergring 85
12249 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 629377390
email: info@pelione-medien.de
Website: https://www.pelione.de

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