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Urban Music Radio Switzerland

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Jam On Radio offers a home for urban music. Young and “young at heart” people present the best all out of urban music culture, directly from Zug to the whole world. Interviews, live jams, cyphers and live djs. From rap and hip hop to reggae, dancehall, afro beats, R&B and jungle.

Jam On Radio emerged in 2017 from the youth radio “RadioIndustrie”, which has its homebase at the Youth Cultural Center “industrie45” in Zug. We are the only Swiss urban music radio to be heard via DAB+ in Zug, Zurich, all of Central Switzerland and Basel. The specialization in urban music clearly sets us apart from the other, alternative and commercial radio stations in the broadcasting areas.

But of course you can also listen to Jam On Radio online on our website: https://www.jam-on.ch/

Thanks to our additional merger with the country’s largest online urban magazine aightgenossen.ch and the nationally best-known reggae / dancehall online portal reggaenews.ch, we can span the whole range of urban music and present ourselves as a new multimedia platform.

One of our core values are collaborations within the urban music culture. That‘s why we‘re excited about this new partnership with the DJ-League.

J. Arber – CEO JAM On Radio


  • Free Promo Through Our Social Media Channels and Our website.
  • DJ-Related Ad on our website, updated weekly for every new show.
  • From time to time articels in our website
  • special invitations to events, organised by Jam On Radio
  • 50% off Jam On Membership

Jam on Radio

Industriestr. 45
CH – 6300 Zug

email: info@JAM-ON.CH
Website: https://www.jam-on.ch