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Of course we pay a special attention, which DJ can join the “Familee”. Basically, we will focus strictly on the quality of the applicants. Quality as a DJ means not being a great turntablist, it means to be a good mixer and a good entertainer. The second point is the character and behavior of the applicant. Arrogance and selfishness have no place in the DJ-League. Both requirements are the absolutely necessary basis. Everything that goes beyond, f.e. Turntablism, would be great, but Is not necessary.

Urban Music is more than a business, it is a lifestyle and culture. We stay together, respect the roots and support each other.

DJ-League Familee

Basic Requirements

  • You are an active Club-DJ, for at least 5-7 years.
  • You have to verify this with sending us at least 10 flyer or other proofs from the past years.
  • You have to be an Urban Music-DJ.
  • You have to be absolutely loyal and helpful towards the DJ-League and its partners. The handling and communication with the other members and partners should be like in a good “familee”. That is a basic requirement, and absolutely important.
  • You have to integrate the DJ-League Logo and the DJ-League URL at all Your internet presences and Your own promotional activities.
  • You have to promote special DJ-League activities to Your contacts .