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Track Of The Week #3

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DJ-LEAGUE.NET | Destiny Rogers ft. Kalan.FrFr - West Like
DJ-LEAGUE.NET | Destiny Rogers ft. Kalan.FrFr – West Like

LABEL: RCA Records
GENRE: R&B / Soul
WEBSITE: instagram.com/destinyrogers

Destiny Rogers celebrates her roots in the official video for “West Like,” featuring Los Angeles rapper Kalan.FrFr. Shot in South Central L.A., the video was heavily inspired by Rogers’ West Coast upbringing in a Mexican household. It begins with what Rogers calls “a typical scene at home,” where her mom and grandma are in the kitchen cooking, questioning her about her plans for the day. Rogers—who’s rocking a classic West Coast outfit with an oversized jersey, gold hoop earrings, and pressed khakis—reassures her mom she’ll be back in a short while, and then proceeds to hit the neighborhood streets. “The woman playing my grandma in the video is actual family,” Rogers said about the opening skit, “and we were able to get the legendary Lil Rob to play my uncle which was crazy, because I have so much respect for him.” We then see Rogers and Kalan.FrFr on their lowrider bikes cruising the streets lined with palm trees. They eventually make their way to a backyard party, which Rogers says is reminiscent of her family gatherings.

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